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Astrological Solutions for Every Planet in 2024


Astrology teaches us that each planet has its own unique impact on our lives. As we go through 2024, understanding what each planet represents can help us navigate the year better. From Mars’ boldness to Jupiter’s growth, learning about the planets’ influences can give us tools to handle whatever comes our way.

Astro Solutions 2024:

As everyone is aware, 2024 is here, and everyone is attempting to make it the best year yet. Regarding astrology, using some Astro tips and tricks to maximize our benefits makes a big difference in our lives.

We may improve things in our daily lives by implementing minor fixes. These cure will assist you in bringing your planets into proper alignment so that they will benefit you.

Therefore, you must browse the page to see those cures if you want to know some helpful tips for making your life lovely and problem-free.
Consult with the best astrologer in Australia for the proper guidance and solutions for every planet in 2024.

Let’s examine 2024 Astrology based on the planets:

1. Moon: 

Native Americans believe that if their Moon is not providing positive outcomes, they should pray to it every Purnima or full moon day. They should never argue with their parents. Every Purnima, these folks ought to fast and honor Lord Vishnu.

2. Sun:

To strengthen the planet Sun, one should donate water, recite Aditya Hridya Stotram daily, and chant Om Ghrani Suryaye Namah.

3. Mercury 

Humans should feed and care for children to strengthen the planet Mercury. On Wednesday, it is also urged that they provide transgender people with food, clothing, and cash.

4. Mars: 

If you believe that Mars is not delivering positive outcomes or that its position is unfavorable, you should feed monkeys every Tuesday. They should go to the Hanuman Temple every Tuesday and recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily.

5. Jupiter: 

On Thursdays, you should worship the banana tree in honor of Lord Brihaspati to strengthen Jupiter. On this specific day, they should abstain from consuming bananas. On Thursday, give Old Brahmin some food and clothing.

6. Saturn: 

This year, 2024, is the year of Saturn, also known as Lord Shani. As such, people should worship the peepal tree every Saturday by burning a diya with mustard oil and placing it beneath the tree. Saturn is connected to justice and karma. Additionally, they can provide the less fortunate slippers and mustard oil.

7. Rahu – 

Rahu is another malefic planet; hence, worshiping Lord Shiva by presenting milk to a Shiva lingam is advocated for those who wish to strengthen this planet.

8. Ketu: 

Those who wish to strengthen this planet should worship Ganesha and present him with laddoo and durva grass. Additionally, people ought to give others religious books.

9. Venus:

Individuals are advised to worship Goddess Laxmi and offer Kheer on Fridays to strengthen Venus. Every Friday, go to the Radha Krishna Temple and give them some Meetha Paan.


In 2024, paying attention to how the planets move can give us insights into ourselves and the world. By using astrological solutions that match each planet’s energy, we can improve our lives. Whether it’s boosting our confidence like the Sun or tapping into Neptune’s intuition, using astrology can help us grow and find more fulfillment in the year ahead. For personalized astrological guidance and solutions, consult the best astrologer in Australia at Aunkar Vastu. Seek¬† guidance from the best astrologer in Australia, understanding these planetary influences can help you find the right solutions for your life.

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