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With the full potential of decoding the Vastu for warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants. With that being said, I also have the experience of designing the environment of compound walls, pantry carts, and more. I believe that every industry functions in a way. And hence there has to be a cooling system for the quality control department pointed in the right direction. But the priorities differ as per the industries for Pharmaceutical Industry, Quality in terms of composition is the first, and design, taste and price are lesser important factors for the commercial success of the medicine.

industrial vastu shastra

Positioning your motor rooms, storage of raw materials, toilets, and adjacent roads are also vital parts of Vastu. This will help you develop your factory’s growth. The compound wall of the factory is vital. The south and west parts of the wall must not be left vacant. The entrance of the factory must be bold, giant, and must be facing northeast or at least east facing direction.
Positioning the machinery in the right direction, energy meters, furnace, generators, transformers facing in south-east direction. Clean your temple regularly otherwise the industrial area might feel cluttered in clarity. The temple must be facing the northeast corner. In addition, I provide Industrial Vastu service from Australia to all over the world.

vastu for factory
vastu for industry
factory vastu shastra

Benefits of Industrial Vastu

  • Removing the labor conflicts
  • Vendor seller relationship restored
  • Increased efficiency resulting in a safer environment
  • Increase your brand visibility
  • Getting more orders and easy sales
  • Overseas achievements
  • Controlling thefts, rejections, and failures
  • Smoother relations with banks for applying for any funding


What is Industrial Vastu?

Industrial Vastu Shastra is a branch of Vastu Shastra that deals with the planning and construction of industrial buildings. It is based on the belief that the correct alignment and placement of the building, its components, and the surrounding environment can promote prosperity and success for the business.

What are the benefits of Industrial Vastu?

 Benefits of Industrial Vastu are :

  • Increased productivity and profitability.
  • Improved employee morale and motivation.
  • Reduced accidents and injuries.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Improved financial performance.
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation.
  • Attracted positive energy and good luck.
  • Protection from negative energies and bad luck.

How To Apply Industrial Vastu Shastra?

 Here are some tips on how to apply Industrial Vastu:

  • Choose a favorable location for your factory. The north, east, or northeast directions are considered to be the most auspicious
  • Make sure the main gate of the factory faces a favorable direction.
  • The factory should have adequate open space in the north and east, which are considered to be auspicious directions.
  • The factory should have thick walls on the south and west sides, which are considered to be inauspicious directions.
  • The machinery and equipment should be placed in the north or northwest corner of the factory.
  • The office should be located on the west or south side of the factory.
  • The temple or prayer room should be located in the northeast corner of the factory.
  • Avoid placing the factory in a low-lying area or near a water body.
  • Ensure that the factory is well-ventilated and has plenty of natural light.
  • Use natural materials in the construction of the factory.
  • Keep the factory clean and tidy.
  • Regularly perform pujas and rituals to appease the gods and goddesses

Where should the warehouse be located?

According to Industrial Vastu Shastra, the warehouse should be located in the north or east direction. These directions are considered to be auspicious for warehouses as they represent the elements of water and earth, which are associated with wealth and prosperity.

Where should the high-heat engagement instrument be kept?

The placement of high-heat engagement instruments according to Industrial Vastu:

  • In the south or west corner of the factory.
  • In a separate room that is dedicated to heat-generating objects.
  • In a well-ventilated area away from water and other flammable materials.
  • On a fire-resistant surface.
  • Away from any walkways or areas where people are likely to be walking.

How to contact Aunkar Vastu in Australia?

Connect with Vastu Surya in Melbourne, Australia at +61431408359

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Industrial Vastu shastra in Australia

Welcome to the world of Industrial Vastu Shastra where production meets the wisdom of the past. In today’s fiercely competitive world, innovation is pervasive, and having every advantage at your disposal is essential to ensure your company’s success. Industrial Vastu Shastra principles can help you in this regard and provide a unique perspective on using industrial spaces for harmonious and sustainable development.

Creating Harmonious Workspaces : Vastu for Factory in Melbourne | Brisbane | Adelaide | Sydney

A factory is not just a building. This location holds great significance in terms of productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall company success. The Vastu for Factory acknowledges the interdependence of the site and offers guidance on how the orientation and placement of the site can have a significant effect on these factors.
To start, consider the layout of the factory. According to Vastu principles, placing heavy machinery in the southwest corner of the factory is auspicious, as it symbolizes stability and strength. The administrative and managerial offices are best located in the western or southern part of the factory, fostering effective decision-making and communication. Additionally, ensuring that the entrance for raw materials is in the north or east direction can attract positive energy flow.

Optimizing Business Growth: Vastu for Industry in Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Adelaide

Industries are often sprawling complexes with various departments and functions. The principles of Industrial Vastu Shastra can assist in placing elements in an optimal position to promote overall growth. Vastu For Industry instance, the placement of the manufacturing unit in the eastern part of the industrial premises is believed to promote progress and innovation. Furthermore, consider the location of the storage area. The northwest corner is considered auspicious for storage purposes. Proper storage as per Vastu for industry principles can prevent unnecessary delays and material shortages, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency.

How to Apply Factory Vastu Shastra

Applying Factory Vastu Shastra doesn’t necessarily require massive architectural changes. Making small adjustments can greatly impact the energy dynamics of the factory. Essential Tips to get you started:

Clutter-Free Zones:

It is important to maintain a Neat and clean workspace. Clutter can block the flow of positive energy and hinder productivity. Regularly clean and organize the factory premises.

Proper Lighting:

Ensure Sufficient natural and artificial lighting. Bright spaces improve the overall atmosphere and keep the energy positive.

Color Palette:

Choose a color palette that resonates with your industry and aligns with Vastu principles. colors can affect mood and even productivity in an office.

Green Spaces:

Introduce greenery and plants within the factory premises. They enhance feelings of vitality and growth in addition to improving air quality.

Water Elements:

If possible, incorporate water elements like fountains or small water bodies. Wealth is represented by water, which also has the power to draw in good vibes.

Remedies and Corrections

In the journey towards implementing Industrial Vastu Shastra, you might encounter certain pre-existing architectural features that are not in alignment with these principles. Don’t worry; remedies and corrections can help harmonize the energy flow. For instance:


Mirrors can be strategically placed to redirect energy flow and counteract negative corners.


Certain crystals and gemstones are believed to have energetic properties that can balance the environment. They can also be placed in certain places to increase positive vibes.

Divine Symbols:

Incorporating divine symbols or images can create a spiritually uplifting environment, fostering a sense of well-being among employees.

Sound Vibrations:

Bells, Chimes, or Singing Bowls Dispersing Stuck Energy and Inviting Fresh, Positive Vibes Industrial Vastu shastra is to create an environment of harmony and balance that promotes business development, employee well-being, and overall prosperity.
The potential of your industrial effort can be maximized by fusing conventional thinking with contemporary business strategies. Keep an eye on how your factory develops into a dynamic, energetic hub of progress.
Elevate your industrial operations, supercharge your business growth, and optimize your commercial spaces with the transformative wisdom of Vastu Shastra. At Aunkar Vastu, we specialize in industrial Vastu Shastra, business Vastu, and commercial Vastu, providing you with expert guidance to harmonize your physical environment and amplify your success. Our experienced consultant harnesses the ancient principles of Vastu Shastra, tailored to modern needs, to ensure your industrial, business, and commercial spaces are aligned for prosperity. Don’t miss out on the potential for positive change – reach out to Aunkar Vastu today, and let us help you manifest success in every corner of your professional journey.

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