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Create Financial Security

Financial security

Finance is the heart and soul of every business. For starting up faster growth, expansion, or takeovers, getting funding from financial institutions, equity markets or investors is a must. In the better interest of the business and to bring down the costs it’s required that these funds be procured at lower rates of interest than the prevailing market rates. In all of these situations, Vastu attracts the right investor or support from financial institutions and markets.

Get Fame & Recognition


You can enhance visibility of your work and get recognised by balancing two Vastu Zones. In a number of Vastu case studies we came across people who very easily stole the credit of accomplishment without even contributing up to the mark in the work and efforts. This happens when either they are sleeping in the Vastu Zones of Fame or in the Social-Association Zone or these two Zones are balanced in their home either by presence of the ideal activity or through some colours or due to Vastu Programming.

Create New Opportunities

Create Opportunities with vastu

You can create New Opportunities for yourself With Vastu, instead of just waiting for them or chasing after people to try and grab something. There is a Vastu Zone for creating opportunities. If you feel that you are stuck in your life, you don’t have the job or work that goes well with your skills and knowledge, or you just want to expand the horizons of your Karma (Actions for Contributing to the world even for making more money), just try Enlightening Technique in North Vastu Zone. Wait for two weeks and see what series of opportunities life presents before you!

Stop Draining Money & Efforts

Money & Efforts

You can stop wastage and draining out of your money and vital energies with the help of Vastu. If you are sleeping in the Vastu Zone of Expenditure and Wastage, then you feel that all your assets, money, relations, and vital energies are either getting disposed off or getting drained without any apparent reasons. If you are not sleeping there but the Vastu Zone of Expenditure is hyper-active or extended, even then you start getting similar dismal results. With the simple remedies and techniques of Vastu you can easily stop this draining and turn it into savings and growth.

Improve Grades in Studies

vastu Improves Grades

You get improved focus, concentration, better absorption of study material, and faster and clearer content delivery (at the time of examination), with the help of Vastu. Many people seek guidance on how they can improve the studies of their children. Vastu has practical, logical and result giving solutions for this problem. To work out a solution you should observe, why your children are not improving in their studies, what exactly happens when they try to study. Ask your children, for example, does their attention shift to the TV, or to surfing the internet, or, do they start getting anxieties, or, is it they just don’t like to study. You have to get the symptoms like this.

Strengthen Love & Relationship

Family bonding

Family bonding and value systems are the most important factors in social institutions in almost all the cultures of the world. If family bonding and value systems are distorted, life becomes very depressing and dislocated, it gets filled with insecurities also the growth of all the family members gets hampered. The purpose of making a home is maintaining the family bonding and the value system intact, in order to lead a successful life. Family bonding, love, relationships and Vansh-Vriddhi are controlled by Vastu Zone of Ancestry. If in a home, marriages are getting delayed, or married life is disturbed, or family harmony is disturbed, or there are difficulties in child-birth or, bonding and value system has weakened, then this is the prime zone to focus upon.

Awaken Healing Energy

health benefits with Vastu

You can reap health benefits with Vastu in your home itself. Certainly, this is not meant for replacing Medical Science. Since Vastu, Ayurveda, and Yoga are founded on the same philosophy, i.e., Samkhya Yog Darshan (the Indian Metaphysics), so all the three are interrelated. In Vastu philosophy, the entirety of space is divided into 3 equal divisions. Each division of 120 (one third of 360) represents – Vaat, Pitta, and Kapha. Vaat, Pitta, and Kapha are the three imbalances in Ayurveda, known as Tridosha. Due to these three basic imbalances, the state of physical health varies. Each division of 120 encompasses certain Vastu Zones. Whichever of those Zones is imbalanced, as per the 4-steps of Vastu, the corresponding dosha will appear as disease in the body.

Joy & Happiness

Joy & Happiness

The source of eternal joy lies within you only, but due to external environmental factors you are not able to feel the happiness. For example, your hand performed certain tasks like holding objects and feeling the temperature or textures of the objects. If your hand is not able to hold and feel then you consult a doctor. The doctor does not make your hand hold or feel, he, in fact restores it to the natural balanced state so that it can perform its natural function of holding and feeling. To do so, he diagnoses the root cause of the problem viz., why the hand is not functioning naturally. In the same way, your mind has a natural capability of experiencing the eternal joy and happiness.

Clarity of Mind

Peace of Mind

As soon as Vastu is applied to your home or workplace one of the very first benefits you get is Clarity of Mind. People who claim that they got clarity in all aspects of their lives after the application of Vastu often confess that their mind was clouded earlier. They were not able to see the clear picture and their thoughts were blocked or confused. They wanted to do something but were unable to see the way to do it. The moment they wanted to move ahead to take some action they realized that indecisiveness or dilemmas appeared as blockages thus, making them lose both clarity of thought and mind.

Power & Confidence


You can feel more power and self-confidence with the application of Vastu in your home and workplace. Lack of self-confidence makes your decisions waver, thus causing instability of mind. Correct decision making comes from self confidence.

Heal Depression

Depression is consciousness stuck in either past or in a negative mode. The flow of natural energies from Anandmaya Kosha and Vigyanmaya Kosha to Manomaya Kosha gets disturbed. That’s why mind does not feel energetic and consciousness gets stuck into a mode where a (depressed) person does not like anything and loses his ability to enjoy.

Over Come Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent in the times we live in. Here too Vastu can help greatly. Overcome Anxiety: The main cause of anxiety is sleeping in the Vastu Zones of Churning, ESE. The second most common cause is doing Pooja or Meditation in this Zone.