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Buy a house that is constructed according to the Vastu shastra. I have studied the field for 25 years and believe that the house’s entrance should be in a north, east, or northeast direction. In certain locations, certain buildings are set in a specific direction. Such as windows, and doors must be in the east direction. The other objects such as temples, kitchens, plots, apartments, and more are also taken into consideration while performing a full in-depth analysis.

vastu consultant for home

The in-depth analysis consisting of flats, apartments, plot number, existing boundaries, and directions of building planning is the checklist we take into consideration. The main aim of house Vastu is to analyze every direction and every inch of the house. I always check the main door structure, bedroom direction, entrance direction, and more. The 16 directions and judge what architectural activity is in each zone.
I offer complete Vastu solutions from elevation positions for plots to the position of the main entrance, gardens, and kitchens as well. Colors of wall paint, furniture boards, beds, tables, sofas, and more. All the decorative items are also covered in this.

vastu shastra for house
vastu for home
vastu for house

Benefits of Home Vastu

  • Energy and harmony
  • Builds trust
  • Gain financial prosperity
  • Harmony in relationship
  • Abundance of joy
  • Gratitude and togetherness
  • Health and Fitness
  • Quick bounce back from ill-health

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Vastu Consultant For Home

Are you looking to create a harmonious, positive, and balanced living space? Look no further. Our expert Vastu consultant for home is here to guide you on an extraordinary journey of transforming your house into a haven of positive energy and well-being.

Vastu Shastra for House: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Homes

In the fast-paced world of modern life, we often overlook how much our living conditions can impact our overall well-being. Let’s talk about Vastu Shastra for house, an old architectural theory from India that balances your home with the natural forces. At Aunkar Vastu, we specialize in applying tried-and-true guidelines to your home, making it a peaceful haven amidst the chaos of the outside world. Our aim is to help create a loving and serene environment for you and your family.
Vastu Shastra is not merely about interior decoration; it’s about aligning your home with the cosmic energies to foster a harmonious environment. Our aim is to create a peaceful living environment in your home. Our Vastu solutions adopt a comprehensive approach that promotes harmony and positivity throughout every aspect of your living space.

Enhance Your Home with Residential Vastu Principles

Imagine a home where every corner brims with positive energy, where the architecture itself breathes a sigh of relief. Our expert residential Vastu consultations are designed to do just that. From the positioning of rooms to the selection of colors and materials, our experts meticulously craft a Vastu plan that resonates with your home and its inhabitants.
Modern home designs can sometimes upset the natural equilibrium, leading to adverse effects on our physical and mental well-being. Our Vastu consultant for home services rectifies these deviations, infusing your living space with an aura of vitality. Whether you’re constructing a new house or looking to renovate, our Vastu solutions ensure that every brick, every beam, and every nook works in unison to create a harmonious dwelling.

Transform Your Living Space with Vastu for Home

Vastu Shastra is the art that turns your house from a blank canvas into a work of art. Our offerings include a broad range of Vastu applications that have a significant impact on how you live. From the placement of furniture to the direction of entrances, we leave no stone unturned in crafting an environment that radiates positivity and abundance.
At Aunkar Vastu, we acknowledge that each home is distinctive. That’s why our experienced expert offers personalized services to meet your exact requirements. We help you find and correct Vastu defects that can prevent the flow of positive energy through in-depth analysis and professional insights. A living space that not only looks beautiful but feels harmonious in every sense.

Vastu for House: Tips for Positive Living

Creating a Vastu-compliant home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Here are some simple yet effective Vastu for house tips that can instantly enhance the positive vibes in your living space:

Entrance Harmony:

The entrance is where energy enters your home. Make sure the area has sufficient lighting, is free from unnecessary items, and looks visually attractive.

Balanced Elements:

Maintain a balance of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space – in each room to encourage equilibrium.

Bedroom Serenity:

The bedroom should ideally be in the southwest corner of the house to promote restful sleep and marital harmony.

Declutter and Organize:

Clear away the clutter to allow energy to flow freely, bringing in positivity and freshness.

Natural Light and Ventilation:

Ample natural light and proper ventilation ensure a constant flow of positive energy.
At Aunkar Vastu, we recognize the importance of these principles and how they affect the energy of your home. Our professional Vastu consultant can guide you to make simple yet effective changes that can greatly enhance the quality of your life.

Embrace the Wisdom of Vastu for a Harmonious Home

In this fast-paced world, it’s common to feel disconnected from nature’s rhythms. Vastu Shastra provides a solution to reestablish harmony and create a living space that radiates positivity. Our home Vastu consultant brings this ancient wisdom to your doorstep, ensuring that your home reflects your aspirations and promotes well-being.
Don’t settle for an ordinary living space when you can have an extraordinary one. Get in touch with Aunkar Vastu and experience a life-changing journey towards balancing energies, promoting positivity, and inviting abundance into your home.

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What is Home Vastu?

Home Vastu is the application of Vastu principles to the design and construction of homes. The goal of Home Vastu/Residential Vastu is to create a home that is conducive to health, wealth, and prosperity. This is achieved by ensuring that the home is well-ventilated and has good natural light, that the furniture is arranged in a way that promotes positive energy flow, and that the kitchen, bathroom, and other important areas are located in auspicious directions.

What are the benefits of Home Vastu?

 Benefits of home Vastu are as under :

  • Improved health and well-being: Vastu homes are said to be more conducive to good health, as they promote positive energy and airflow. This can help to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost the immune system.
  • Increased wealth and prosperity: Vastu for home is also said to attract wealth and prosperity. This is because it is believed that the correct alignment of the home can help to channel positive energy into the lives of the occupants.
  • Better relationships: Vastu can also help to improve relationships between family members and friends. This is because it creates a harmonious and peaceful environment in the home.
  • Greater success: Vastu is also believed to help people achieve success in their personal and professional lives. This is because it can help to improve concentration, decision-making, and creativity.
  • Overall well-being: The overall well-being of the occupants of a Vastu-compliant home is said to be enhanced. This is because Vastu creates a positive and balanced environment that is conducive to happiness and fulfillment.

What is the purpose of Home Vastu?

The Purpose of Home Vastu, or Vastu shastra for home, is to make your home a happy and positive place to live. It suggests arranging your home in a way that goes along with nature’s energies and brings good luck. By following Vastu principles, like putting rooms in certain places and setting up furniture in specific ways, people believe they can have better health, feel happier, and do well in life. Vastu also aims to make the best use of space and resources in your home, so everything is organized and works smoothly.

How to take advantage of Home Vastu?

There are many ways to take advantage of home vastu, but some of the most important tips include:

  • Orienting the main door of your home in the east or north direction.
  • Placing the kitchen in the south-east corner of your home.
  • Keeping your bedroom in the south, south-west, or west direction.
  • Avoid placing sharp objects or mirrors opposite the main door.
  • Keeping your home clean and tidy.
  • Adding plants and flowers to your home.
  • Using natural light and ventilation.

By following these tips, you can create a home that is conducive to positive energy and well-being.

How to contact Aunkar Vastu in Australia?

Connect with Vastu Surya in Melbourne, Australia at +61431408359