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Vastu for Commercial Buildings & Office Spaces

Are you hoping to use the principles of Vastu Shastra for business, too? Don’t worry; Acharya Oum Prakash, one of the best vastu shastra in Australia can provide all the necessary advice to balance the Vastu in your workspace or commercial complex.


Why Apply Vastu? For Peace, Prosperity, & Beautiful Growth


Although sufficient attention is given to residential Vastu, business owners should also recognize the value of Vastu for commercial buildings. Any location where you spend a lot of time needs to have its energies balanced, and vastu is the key to that. The majority of our time is spent away from home at work. Why not ensure your corporate office, shop, showroom, or workplace complies with Vastu guidelines using business Vastu tips? This way, you can create time for your family and obtain the desired business gains.


The Impact Of Vastu on Commercial Buildings 


Vastu has long been a popular topic of conversation. We are all aware that the things we construct now will significantly impact our future. The finest builders of antiquity were highly learned and knowledgeable about all aspects of construction. Nevertheless, there were no computers, no calculators, and no one doing surveys or creating plans. They employed a unique computation method for organizing, slicing, and other building-related tasks.

The six core elements—fire, space, air, water, and earth—form the foundation of the Vastu Shastra idea. For an area to be positive and encourage progress in all facets of your life, the energies of these five must be in balance. The main objective is to grow the business to maximize the advantage of the given area. Before beginning any new construction, being aware of the following criteria is essential.

Before that, you should be aware that Vastu, the ancient Hindu discipline of building and design, strongly emphasizes the appropriate placement and alignment of various objects and structures. This configuration can benefit a building and maximize its occupants’ wealth and good fortune. The fundamental idea behind this highly specialized area of Vedic knowledge is to adhere to specific guidelines while choosing a building site building materials, making decisions about form, size, color, texture, orientation, direction, and ornamentation, and making a valuable structure without posing any obstacles for the living things or creatures that live there.


Benefits of Vastu for Commercial Building and Business Vastu 


Develop Your Life’s Harmony While Building a Better Commercial Complex

A wealthy and tall residential block is a typical image of modern living. We can’t blame them if they want to live or work in a facility like this! It would help if you had money, power, and a solid personality to make that dream come true. These elements are necessary to create a business complex that is aesthetically pleasing and contains everything needed to create a joyful work environment for its employees. What about the interior energy, though, because all these things are external and materialistic? That’s where Aunkar Vastu comes to people’s protect with its expert commercial and residential Vastu Shastra solutions by one of the best Vastu Shastra experts for Commercial Buildings.

Most well-known commercial buildings are constructed in urban areas since these areas present excellent prospects for company enterprises. Regretfully, investors frequently need to pay more attention to Vastu for commercial buildings despite the immense potential for transformation it offers.With the help of Acharya Oum Prakash’s vastu remedies, you can design a beautiful structure that will enhance the building’s energy to improve its prosperity, stability, and profitability.


Benefits Of Creating Workspaces And Using Vastu For Commercial Building


A business facility that complies with Vastu meets its objectives:

Businesses frequently begin with grandeur and power but can’t sustain their earnings and reputation over time. Generally, vastu doshas are the cause. Whether your commercial facility is a corporate office, showroom, office/retail mall, or even a nursing home, Vastu balance helps ensure its intended use is met.Therefore, the business complex will succeed if its goals include making a profit, offering top-notch goods and services, or becoming well-known.


Owners and staff can operate more effectively with Vastu balance:

A firm can function quickly if staff members are engaged and productively working in the complex. Commercial Vastu advice can assist in that regard. How employees think, act, and work will be influenced by assigning the proper person to the correct position in the workplace and by paying attention to details like pantry and entrance directions, among many other things. Even your most motivated staff members may become lethargic due to a Vastu imbalance. Furthermore, freshers can quickly reach their maximum potential with the correct Vastu.


It invites quality clients.

Business can only function with the best workers and services if the commercial complex consistently attracts good clients. Vastu creates a good and energizing atmosphere by balancing the energy of the sun, earth, water, air, and space. Your commercial property’s frequency increases as a result. Therefore, leveraging the law of attraction to acquire quality, well-known clients can have a lasting effect on companies.


Vastu for Commercial Complex: Time- and Money-Saving Strategies To Develop A Brand


Most of the regulations are taken care of once the business complex is designed. Specific Vastu rules must be followed to make the structure stable, profitable, and valuable. You should be aware that Vastu for residential and commercial complex construction differs. Additionally, Vaastu should always be considered, particularly when building an entrance gate. Errors of any size are bad for the structure. Consult with the best Vastu Shastra consultant in Australia for Vastu for Commercial building. 


Vastu Guidelines for Commercial Buildings: Directional Tips for Success


Our goal is to make sure that your business complex prospers with positive energy and success, based on the principles of Vastu. With years of experience in the field, we are aware of the subtleties involved in transforming a well-designed space into a successful commercial area.


Vastu Tips for East-Facing Commercial Buildings:


Pantry or Kitchen Placement:

Whether it’s a restaurant or a corporate office pantry, position it in the Southeast corner of the property. Consult a Vastu expert for precise stove placement.


Washroom Placement:

Avoid placing washrooms in the Northeast direction, a common Vastu issue leading to business challenges. Correct placement is crucial for overall positive energy.


Northeast Cleanliness:

Keep the Northeast clean and clutter-free, as this direction holds empowering energy. Consider placing idols or inspirational elements to enhance positivity.


Owner’s Office Location:

In alignment with home Vastu principles, the business owner’s office should be in the Southwest. Consult a Vastu expert for precise directional alignment based on the nature of the business and astrological charts.


Team Seating Arrangements:

Situate the marketing team in the East, the sales team in the North, and the accounts team in the West or South for optimal performance.


Vastu Tips for West-Facing Commercial Buildings:


Pantry and Team Placement:

Align the pantry or kitchen in the Southeast. Marketing, sales, and accounts teams can be in the East, North, and South.


Advantageous Space in Northwest:

Unlike East-facing buildings, West-facing spaces offer branding opportunities in the North of the Northwest. Utilize this space for showcasing products or business achievements.


Vastu Tips for South-Facing Commercial Properties:


Optimal Direction Usage:

South-facing properties provide versatility in opening toward pure South, Southwest, or Southeast based on the property’s purpose. Consult a Vastu expert for precise analysis considering the building’s size, shape, and orientation.


Color Usage and Branding:

South-facing properties allow for branding in the South direction and red family colors. Seek advice from a Vastu specialist for color application.


Vastu Tips for North-Facing Commercial Buildings:


Consistent Guidelines:

Like South-facing buildings, maintain consistency in team placement, product display, and pantry location. Ensure precise entrance alignment to the North for positive business effects.


Final Tip for Commercial Complex Vastu:


Apply these Vastu for commercial building suggestions to increase brand recognition and revenue.Consult Aunkar Vastu for Vastu experts before making significant alterations, as incorrect changes may have adverse effects. If your business is thriving and you’re considering expansion, seeking personalized Vastu advice can be highly beneficial. Consult the best Vastu Shastra consultant for customized Vastu for commercial building tips tailored to your business needs.